Barbara Dickson More Brecht Than Broadway CD

Barbara Dickson More Brecht Than Broadway CD


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  • Strictly limited to just 1000 individually numbered copies, the first 500 signed by Barbara!

    In 1974, folk singer Barbara Dickson's life and career were transformed when

    she was offered the leading role of 'The Singer ' in Willy Russell's award-winning

    Beatles' musical, 'John Paul George Ringo & Bert'.

    Opening in Liverpool the show broke box office records and transferred to London's West End

    where it ran for a year, earning Barbara glowing reviews and setting her on the road to fame as a recording artist.

    When Willy Russell, fresh from his success with 'Shirley Valentine', was looking for a singer who could act for his new musical

    'Blood Brothers' in 1982, he turned to Barbara. Never having previously acted before, Barbara had to be persuaded to accept the role

    but it turned out to be a pivotal moment in her career.

    The critics raved about her performance as Mrs. Johnstone, the downtrodden Liverpool housewife

    forced to give away one of her new-born twins, and the role went on to win her the Society of West End Theatre Award for Best Actress in a Musical.

    'Blood Brothers' went on to become one of the the most successful British musicals of all-time and, as the original Mrs. Johnstone,

    Barbara's was the performance that each successive actress who took the role was measured against.

    Turning down the offer of other work which she felt was not up to the standard of 'Blood Brothers', it was to be some years before Barbara was tempted

    back to the stage. In 1997 she collaborated with the director of 'Blood Brothers,' Chris Bond, to create a one woman show for the theatre, 'The 7 Ages of Woman'.

    Described as "A Journey from the Cradle to the Grave" from a female perspective the show toured the UK to rave reviews. Liverpool's Daily Post was typical of many:

    "By the final curtain there were people on their feet, cheers and whistles and thunderous applause. It was a triumphant evening".

    In 1999, Barbara was tempted back to the stage to play 60's pools winner Viv Nicholson in the Steve Brown and Justin Greene musical "Spend Spend Spend".

    "It is the most glorious new musical I can recall" Barbara Dickson is magnificent," wrote the Financial Times, echoing the sentiments of many.

    The show was to earn her both the 2000 Olivier Award and the Variety Club Award for Best Actress in a Musical.

    Now, for the first time ever, all of Barbara's major theatre recordings are released together in a special limited edition CD set.

    'Barbara Dickson' More Brecht than Broadway: The Complete Theatre Recordings, 1974 - 2000'

    features the original cast recordings of all four of the above productions ('John Paul George Ringo & Bert' appearing on CD for the first time ever),

    beautifully presented in a large format box set with a lavish booklet containing photos and excerpts from the shows' original theatre programmes.

    Featuring a special introduction by Barbara, each CD also contains extensive liner notes on all four productions.

    'Barbara Dickson' More Brecht than Broadway' is strictly limited to just 1000 individually numbered copies, the first 500 signed by Barbara.

    It is sure to become a real collector's item, both for fans of Musical Theatre as well as followers of Barbara's long and successful career

    as one of the UK's best-loved female vocalists.

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    01. I Should Have Known Better (Barbara Dickson)

    02. You Mother Should Know (Barbara Dickson)

    03. Ooee Boppa (Tiny Tina & The Titular 3)

    04. With A Little Help From My Friends (Barbara Dickson)

    05. Penny Lane (Barbara Dickson)

    06. In The Bleak Midwinter (Barbara Dickson)

    07. Here Comes The Sun (Barbara Dickson)

    08. Long And Winding Road (Barbara Dickson)

    09. Clap And Cheer (The Cast)

    10. Help (Barbara Dickson)

    11. Lucy In The Sky (Barbara Dickson)

    12. You Never Give Me Your Money/Carry That Weight (Barbara Dickson)

    13. We Can Work It Out (Barbara Dickson)

    14. I Will Be Your Love (Leroy Lover (Bert)

    15. A Day In The Life (Barbara Dickson)


    01. Narration

    02. Marilyn Monroe

    03. My Child

    04. The Devil's Got Your Number

    05. Easy Terms

    06. Just A Game

    07. Sunday Afternoon/My Friend

    08. Bright New Day

    09. Marilyn Monroe (2)

    10. One Summer Narration

    11. Saying A Word

    12. Miss Jones (Sign Of The Times)

    13. Prison Song

    14. Light Romance

    15. There's A Madman

    16. Tell Me It's Not True


    01. Salon Mystique

    02. I'll Take Care of Thee

    03. Upstairs In My Room

    04. Sexual Happening

    05. Special Day

    06. The Boy Next Door

    07. Scars Of Love

    08. John Collier

    09. The Win

    10. Two Rooms

    11. Spend Spend Spend

    12. Miners' Arms

    13. Garforth

    14. Drinking In America

    15. Canary

    16. Who's Gonna Love Me?

    17. Suits/Pieces Of Me

    18. A Brand New Husband

    19. Spent

    20. Canary (Reprise)

    21. Finale


    01. In My Life

    02. Song Of Bernadette

    03. Teenage Medley

    04. She's Leaving Home

    05. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

    06. It's Money That I Love

    07. I Will Wait For You

    08. Picking Up After You

    09. Behind The Wall

    10. Natural Woman

    11. Same Girl

    12. Fine Flowers In The Valley

    13. September Song

    14. When I'm 64

    15. MacCrimmon's Lament

    16. Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End