Barbara Dickson B4 74 The Folkclub Tapes 2CD CD

Barbara Dickson B4 74 The Folkclub Tapes 2CD CD


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  • Barbara Dickson - B4 Seventy-Four - The Folk Club Tapes (Double CD)

    Long before Barbara found fame in the theatre and as a pop singer, she spent many years as a folk singer on the folk circuit, playing in the clubs and pubs of Scotland and England.

    These forty recordings over two discs gather together many rare recordings taken of Barbara performing in the folk clubs of the late '60's and early '70's. The songs have been taken from a variety of sources and as a result the sound quality does vary, but they represent a fascinating snapshot of Barbara from the very earliest days of her career.

    ''There's a song by Gallagher and Lyle, there's James Taylor, there's a lot of songs that I chose to sing at that time, because I was never entirely committed to singing traditional music'', Barbara says.

    ''A lot of people I knew only sang traditional music, but I didn't feel that way. I just had a fairly Catholic taste in music and I think it comes over in the choices of the songs on this double CD. I'm very proud of the choices I made and the songs that I chose to sing.''

    Included are the original versions of many favourites in Barbara's repertoire which she has chosen to revisit in recent years including 'Jamie Raeburn', 'The January Man' and 'O'er the Water tae Charlie'.

    ''Barbara Dickson [is] a folk-scene phenomenon. This raw double set of reel-to-reel recordings from 1969-73 finds her precision-engineered phrasing and perfectly poised voice, an egoless vessel that contains the old songs' sentiments, set against her stark acoustic guitar in audibly rapt back rooms. This alternate-earth Barbara Dickson is a shadowy legend, ripe for rediscovery.''

    (The Sunday Times)

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    DISC 1

    01. The False Lover Won Back
    02. International
    03. Something's Wrong
    04. The Poachers
    05. Fit Can a Young Lassie?
    06. The Laird o' the Dainty Dounby
    07. Jamie Raeburn
    08. Steamboat Row
    09. Jock o' Hazeldean
    10. Ythanside
    11. Fareweel tae Whisky
    12. Fareweel tae Whisky (part 2)
    13. A Parcel of Rogues
    14. Johnnie Cope
    15. Dainty Davie
    16. The Rigs o' Rye
    17. Lord Franklin
    18. Call on Me

    DISC 2

    01. The Plooman Laddies
    02. The Early Morning Rain
    03. Do Right Woman
    04. Love of My Life
    05. Something's Wrong
    06. Spoken word/Bob White
    07. Highland Harry
    08. The January Man
    09. The Enniskillen Dragoons
    10. O'er the Water tae Charlie
    11. The Dreadnought
    12. I am Lonely, I am Lost
    13. The Blacksmith
    14. Garton Mother's Lullaby
    15. The Band o' Shearers
    16. The Seeds of Love
    17. Westron Wynd
    18. The Shipyard Apprentice
    19. The Foggy Dew
    20. Spoken Word/NK
    21. Sullivan's John
    22. Spoken Word/Bob White